User Banym recounts his experience in first discovering FreeBSD, back in 2002 and using version 4.6. He also gives some of his pros and cons of FreeBSD after using it for over a decade, and running it in VMs alongside Linux Gentoo. See the link below for his full story.

My start with FreeBSD on a DEC Alpha

When I was sorting out some old photos, I came over one showing my old Alpha 800. I found it at my father’s company when I was still in school. They didn’t use it anymore back in that days and I was running a quite uncommon amount of hardware for testing and educational purposes at home. I had a bunch of Cisco and Juniper routers for routing setups and some x86 machines from 386, 486, Pentium2 and an Athlon 1200, later some Athlon64 and Opteron Machines joined the setup. I was still in school and hacked on hardware and networks in my free time and at night. You could imagine how much the electricity bill dropped when I moved out.

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