In this tutorial, user Josphat Mutai shows us how to get Webmin set up on your FreeBSD 12 operating system. Webmin is an open-source system configuration tool that allows you to manage your server via a web UI. See the link below for the full set of instructions.

With Webmin you can set up user accounts, manager Apache web server, DNS Server, samba and File configuration, email servers, package management, manage database servers e.t.c.

It is easy to install Webmin on FreeBSD 12. The package can be installed from binary repository or by building Webmin from source. The choice is yours, but in this tutorial, we’ll go with binary installation of Webmin on FreeBSD 12.

Install Webmin on FreeBSD 12

FreeBSD ship with package manager called pkg which we’ll use to install Webmin.

First update your FreeBSD package index ….

Full tutorial: