The developers of Project Trident have made available version 18.12-RELEASE. Project Trident is the continuation of TrueOS base system with the graphical user interface / desktop environment Lumina. This version features new packages, such as aeskulap, amarok, bambootracker, as well as many removed and updated packages. Head on over to the link below to download the ISO/image.

The first official release version of Project Trident is now available on the download page!

This version is based off the 18.12-stable branch of TrueOS (FreeBSD 13-CURRENT), using the new TrueOS distribution framework with several add-ons by Project Trident itself. The packages with this release were created from the TrueOS ports tree as-of January 7th. We are planning to release regular updates to packages every week or two depending on the state of the ports tree at any given time. In this release, both the Chromium and Iridium browsers have also been fixed and function normally again.

Original announcement:

Project Trident 18.12-RELEASE is finally available! from BSD