FreeBSD contributor Alexander Leidinger jots down thoughts on how to keep the open-source operating system FreeBSD relevant in this day  and age. Leidinger discusses companies that use FreeBSD, features such as virtualization (jails, bhyve), the documentation, polishing up things like dtrace, and the CI (continuous integration) system. See the link below for the full blog on his recommendations.

Since I participate in the FreeBSD project there are from time to time some voices which say FreeBSD is dead, Linux is the way to go. Most of the time those voices are trolls, or people which do not really know what FreeBSD has to offer. Sometimes those voices wear blinders, they only see their own little world (were Linux just works fine) and do not see the big picture (like e.g. competition stimulates business, …) or even dare to look what FreeBSD has to offer.