Users from the /r/FreeBSD community discuss what they do with the Open Source operating system FreeBSD and why they choose to use it over Linux. We have highlighted some of the top comments for you. See the reddit link below for the full discussion thread.

Started with Linux/Slackware 3.x sometime 1996 & FreeBSD 2.1.7 in 02/1997.

Linux is fine, but FreeBSD was just more reliable for me. Linux definitely has wider hardware support, but funny enough, FreeBSD is the one that gave me fewer problems with hardware. I’m sure that’s specific to me though.

I also found the documentation, organization, & engineering process for FreeBSD to make more sense to me. FreeBSD code was on average easier to read than Linux code. Linux has a much larger body of code, but it varies wildly in quality. The signal-to-noise ratio I find is better in FreeBSD when compared to Linux. – to_wit_to_who

I like how all of the core system is designed together. I like the license better than gpl. ZFS is awesome. I prefer the structure of the organization better than with Linux.

I tend to use FreeBSD on the server, KDE Neon for desktop/workstation. – beowuff

I use FreeBSD for all of my servers (switched from Debian to FreeBSD around a year or two ago) and it’s because of a lot of things. I love that everything is separated into /usr/local and /usr/local/etc, pkg is very easy to use and upgrades go really well with freebsd-update (also cool that bectl is now included with FreeBSD 12), I like IPFW and PF, ZFS is of course great and snapshots are very useful for me, documentation and the handbook are great, etc. There’s just a lot that I like about FreeBSD for server use and using it is just a preference for me. – harderror

How do you use FreeBSD and why did you select it over a Linux distribution? from freebsd