F5 recently acquired NGINX and user High5! decided to roll back to lighttpd. Lighttpd is an Open Source web server application that is optimized for speed and is secure, flexible, and standards compliant. The user details what configuration changes they made to their FreeBSD server.

There are some FreeBSD machines in our infrastructure which run NGINX. After the recent announcement on the F5 purchase of NGINX we decided to move back to Lighttpd.

We have not seen a lot of open source projects doing well after the parent company got acquired. We used Lighttpd in the past, before the project stalled, doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. We decided to check it out again.

The configuration discussed here is roughly what we used NGINX for.

A lot of the options within Lighttpd are enabled by using modules. These are the modules we have enabled on all our Lighttpd servers.