The FreeBSD Team has released their 4th quarter status report for 2018. This report details projects from the Contiguous Integration Team, Core Team, Ports Collection, Release Engineering, and the FreeBSD Foundation. Notable progress and additions are 32-bit compatibility/ABI cleanups, Boot Loader, ACPI NVDIMM driver, DTrace, Intel and Security, ARMv6/ARMv7, RISC-V, RPI Firmware, KDE, Jenkins, ports increase to 32,000, and various Foundation contributions such as ZFS improvements and toolchain projects. See the link below for the full report.

FreeBSD Status Report

With FreeBSD having gone all the way to 12, it is perhaps useful to take a look back at all the things that have been accomplished, in terms of many visible changes, as well as all the things that happen behind the scenes to ensure that FreeBSD continues to offer an alternative in both design, implementation, and execution.

The things you can look forward to reading about are too numerous to summarize, but cover just about everything from finalizing releases, administrative work, optimizations and depessimizations, features added and fixed, and many areas of improvement that might just surprise you a little.

Please have a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or other beverage of choice, and enjoy this culmulative set of reports covering everything that’s been done since October, 2017.

—Daniel Ebdrup

FreeBSD Q4 2018 Status Report: