VULS is an Open Source vulnerability scanner that uses information from NVD and OVAL and is agent-less. It currently supports FreeBSD versions 10 and 11 among various Linux distros. Notable features are the VulsRepo (its OSS web UI), Terminal Based Viewer, and notifications for Slack and email. Check out the Github repository below to try it out in your FreeBSD security environment.

Vuls is a tool created to solve the problems listed above. It has the following characteristics.

  • Informs users of the vulnerabilities that are related to the system.
  • Informs users of the servers that are affected.
  • Vulnerability detection is done automatically to prevent any oversight.
  • Report is generated on regular basis using CRON or other methods. to manage vulnerability.

Scan for any vulnerabilities in Linux/FreeBSD Server
Supports major Linux/FreeBSD

  • Alpine, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Amazon Linux, RHEL, Oracle Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux and Raspbian, FreeBSD
  • Cloud, on-premise, Docker


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