The FreeBSD team has released their status report for Q1 2019. This report includes a summary of projects and initiatives from the CI team, Core Team, FreeBSD Foundation, Release Engineering, and Ports Collection. Notable projects are the AXP803 PMIC driver, Broadcom ARM64 SoC support, Capsicum, RISC-V update, GNOME, KDE, FreEBSD Wiki Apple Intel Mac Mini, sysctlview 1.0, University of Waterloo Co-operative, and several others. See the link below for the full report.

FreeBSD Project Quarterly Status Report - 1st Quarter 2019

   As spring leads into summer, we reflect back on what the FreeBSD
   project has accomplished in the first quarter of 2019. Events included
   FOSDEM and AsiaBSDCon, the FreeBSD Journal is now free to everyone,
   ASLR is available in -CURRENT and KPTI can be controlled per-process.
   The run up to 11.3-RELEASE has begun, and a team is applying syzkaller
   guided fuzzing to the kernel, plus so much more. Catch up on many new
   and ongoing efforts throughout the project, and find where you can
   pitch in.

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report – First Quarter 2019: