User vermaden is back again with another in-depth FreeBSD post, this time detailing his enterprise FreeBSD solution with a whopping 1PB storage. He shows you his hardware setup — a TYAN thunder and SuperMicro SuperStorage, and talks about the software — GlusterFS and Minio, being used in his environment with the configuration settings included. See the link below for the detailed report.

Today FreeBSD operating system turns 26 years old. 19 June is an International FreeBSD Day. This is why I got something special today :). How about using FreeBSD as an Enterprise Storage solution on real hardware? This where FreeBSD shines with all its storage features ZFS included.

Today I will show you how I have built so called Enterprise Storage based on FreeBSD system along with more then 1 PB (Petabyte) of raw capacity.

I have build various storage related systems based on FreeBSD:

FreeBSD Enterprise 1 PB Storage