User vermaden shows us how to set up a RabbitMQ Cluster on a FreeBSD container. RabbitMQ is an open source message broker, supporting multiple message protocols being deployed in the cloud or on premise. See the link below for the detailed instructions provided by vermaden.

I really like small and simple dedicated solutions that do one thing well and do it really good – maybe its because I like UNIX that much. Good example of such approach is Minio object storage which implements S3 protocol with distributed clustering, erasure code and builtin web interface along with many other features about which I wrote in the Distributed Object Storage with Minio on FreeBSD article.

The RabbitMQ is another such example – currently probably the most popular implementation of the AMQP protocol – it also comes with small and sleek web interface. The difference is power. Minio comes with very basic user oriented web interface while most administrative and configuration tasks needs to be done from the CLI. The Minio web interface allows one to create/delete buckets there and also to download/upload files. RabbitMQ have so sophisticated web interface that after you enable it you do not need command line anymore. Everything can be accomplished using just web interface.

Full tutorial:

RabbitMQ by Pivotal: