This tutorial by user Justin Ellingwood and Kathryn Hancox of DigitalOcean will show you how to perform the additional steps to get right into production after installing FreeBSD on your server. You will learn how to configure ipfw firewall, UDP connections, set the time zone, and more. See the link below for the full set of instructions.


When setting up a new FreeBSD server, there are a number of optional steps you can take to get your server into a more production-friendly state. In this guide, we will cover some of the most common examples.

We will set up a simple, easy-to-configure firewall that denies most traffic. We will also make sure that your server’s time zone accurately reflects its location. We will set up NTP polling in order to keep the server’s time accurate and, finally, demonstrate how to add some extra swap space to your server.

Full Tutorial: