The developers of Project Trident have made available version 19.06. Project Trident is the continuation of the graphical version of TrueOS with Lumina Desktop Environment and is based on FreeBSD operating system. Notable changes are updates to chromium, firefox, gpu-firmware-kmod, virtualbox-ose, 342 new packages, along with 2739 updated packages. Note that you must run the command below before you update!

This is a significant package update for the repository, not just for applications, but also for some of the base system packages. There are a lot of changes from upstream FreeBSD and TrueOS in this release, from additional “-bootstrap” base packages to the renaming of the “zol” flavor of base packages to “nozfs”, as the “zol” version of the ZFS packages was also renamed to “openzfs”. In addition to this, a ton of the default settings from upstream TrueOS were changed. We have tried to track down and re-enable every setting which Project Trident needed from TrueOS, but if you find some functional regression (particularly when it comes to which kernel modules are loaded by default), please let us know so that we can track that down and re-enable any additional settings as needed.

Because of the base package changes, there is one critical command that needs to be run before starting the update procedure to this version: sudo pkg install -fy sysup. This will forcibly update the system update utility ahead of time so that it can help transition the system to the newer layout of the base packages. Failure to follow this step may result in system users, groups, and other configuration changes to get reverted back to FreeBSD defaults and prevent proper functionality of the post-update system. If you experience this, just roll back to the older boot environment and re-do the update (with the fix beforehand).

Official announcement:


Project Trident 19.06 is Released, which added a lot of changes from upstream FreeBSD and TrueOS