FreeBSD and KDE contributor Adriaan de Groot wrote a script on getting a desktop set up on your FreeBSD system. The script essentially creates an instant workstation by installing the desktop environment, display manager, and graphic drivers. See the link below for his full post and also the Github page to download it.

Some considerable time ago I wrote up instructions on how to set up a FreeBSD machine with the latest KDE Plasma Desktop. Those instructions, while fairly short (set up X, install the KDE meta-port, .. and that’s it) are a bit fiddly.

So – prompted slightly by a Twitter exchange recently – I’ve started a mini-sub-project to script the installation of a desktop environment and the bits needed to support it. To give it at least a modicum of UI, dialog(1) is used to ask for an environment to install and a display manager.

Instant Workstation by adridg:

Github FreeBSDTools/bin/instant-workstation: