Here’s a roundup of BSD related posts ranging from security advisories, BSD desktops and laptops, to FreeNAS (which has BSD under the hood).

Gcc 4.2.1 to be removed before FreeBSD 13, a firm timeline via

Is FreeBSD one of the absolute best operating systems? via Quora

FreeBSD : FreeBSD — Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) (a633651b-b309-11e9-a87f-a4badb2f4699)

FreeBSD : FreeBSD — Resource exhaustion in non-default RACK TCP stack (c294c2e6-b309-11e9-a87f-a4badb2f4699) (ERC)

FreeBSD : FreeBSD — Kernel memory disclosure in freebsd32_ioctl (6b856e00-b30a-11e9-a87f-a4badb2f4699)

DragonFlyBSD Developing DSynth As Synth Rewrite For Custom Package Building via Phoronix

[openbox] BSD desktop from unixporn

My first ThinkPad: X230 on FreeBSD, ever since getting these I have not yet touched my 2018 touch bar MBP. from thinkpad

OpenBSD on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (7th Gen) via (DiscoverBSD)

How to install FreeNAS to set up a file server

How to install Plex Media Server on FreeNAS

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