The FreeBSD Team has written their quarterly status report for Q2 2019. This is a summary of all the initiatives and projects in action, including reports from the Continuous Integration Team, FreeBSD Core Team, FreeBSD Foundation, FreeBSD Graphics, IRC, Ports Collection, and Release Engineering Team. Notable projects are the bhyve live migration, FUSE, NUMA awareness in FreeBSD kernel, NXP ARM64 SoC support, Aberdeen Hackathon, Jenkins, developer survey, fundraising efforts, partnerships, and many many more. See the link below for the full and detailed report.

This quarter our report includes some interesting topics easily accessible to anyone, even if you are not a programmer: we report the link to a presentation of the 2019 FreeBSD survey results at BSDCan 2019 and describe an interesting experience of a 3-person hackaton, which might encourage you to host one yourself, possibly with more participants. We also provide some up to date information about the status of our IRC channels.

For those who have some more technical skills, we give some news about the role of git in the FreeBSD project, describe the status of some tools to hunt bugs or enhance security and announce a clone of sysctl.

Finally, those who are more experienced with programming will probably be interested in the great work that has been done with drivers: in particular, an aknowledgement is due to Alan Somers for having started to bring up to date our FUSE implementation, which was about 11 years behind. Other important improvements include a more user-friendly experience with trackpoints and touchpads enabled by default, much low level work on graphics, many new bhyve features, updates to the linux compatibility layer, various kernel improvements.

Have a nice read!
— Lorenzo Salvadore

FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report Q2 2019: