User Fralix walks us through the his process of deploying FreeBSD to an OpenStack OVH public cloud. OpenStack is an open-source platform for virtual cloud computing. OVH is a service that provides dedicated servers for cloud computing. See the link below for the in-detailed step-by-step process for launching FreeBSD on OVH. Note that you can reference this guide to deploy FreeBSD on other OpenStack environments.

For my project, I want to use FreeBSD on the OVH’s Public Cloud.
Behind this service, it’s OpenStack who run your instances.
Actually, OVH just offer FreeBSD-11.0. Too old, and I prefer CURRENT branch and recompile it from source every week.
Another problem is bscloud-init doesn’t run on FreeBSD-12 and older because it use an too old version of Python.

Create FreeBSD Current OpenStack image on OVH Public Cloud: