User William Chapman of research site pFind, discusses with Deb Goodkin of the FreeBSD Foundation and goes through the lengthy history of FreeBSD, the difference between FreeBSD and Linux, notable use and applications, and its community of developers. See the page below to learn about where FreeBSD stands today after its 26 years of existence.

As a part of UNIX operating system, FreeBSD is an operating system that is intended to be used for various platforms. The focus of this operating system is to provide the best performance, compatibility, security, and advanced networking for desktops, servers, game consoles, and online platforms. This OS has been used for more than two decades ever since its first release in the 1993. Today, it is recognized as a robust operating system that offers cutting-edge features that are not available in other operating systems.

Meet FreeBSD Project – A Journey of 26 Years and Beyond