The developers of Project Trident have made available version 12-U6. Project Trident is the graphical desktop version with TrueOS under the hood and Lumina Desktop Environment as the frontend. Notable changes are hundreds of new packages ranging from R-cran, anese, aquantia-atlantic-kmod, digikam, lazarus, and more found at the link below. 1040 packages have been updated, such as Cockatrice, FAudio, MathJax, QComicBook, and many more. Lastly, 81 packages have been removed. Download the latest version here.

This is the sixth general package update to the STABLE release repository based upon TrueOS 12-Stable.

Package Changes From STABLE 12-U5

For a full list of available packages, please visit the GitHub repository!

Package Summary

  • New Packages: 378
  • Deleted Packages: 81
  • Updated Packages: 1040

Official announcement: