User Blago Eres shows us how to get NodeBB Forum set up with Nginx and Let’s Encrypt on your FreeBSD 12 operating system. NodeBB is an open-source discussion forum software based on Node.js. Nginx is an open-source web server, and Let’s Encrypt is an open-source automated certificate authority. See the link below for the full set of instructions on getting your own forum running on a FreeBSD server.


NodeBB requires the following software to be installed:

  • Node.js version 6 or greater
  • MongoDB version 2.6 or greater or Redis version 2.8.9 or greater
  • Nginx version 1.3.13 or greater
  • Git

NOTE: Installing NodeBB’s dependencies may require more than 512 megabytes of system memory. It is recommended to enable a swap partition to compensate if your Linux system has insufficient memory.

HowtoForge tutorial: