The developers of FreeBSD have made available the second BETA of version 12.1. Notable changes in this version include fixes to fusefs(5), msdosfs(5), mpr(4), mps(4), capsicum(4), bhyve(4), and a number of other patches. You can download the 12.1 ISO/images from here. See the link below for the detailed release notes.

A summary of changes since 12.1-BETA1 includes:

o An off-by-one error in fusefs(5) had been fixed.

o A problem with in-place strip(1) on msdosfs(5) had been fixed.

o Stability fixes for mpr(4) and mps(4) have been merged from head.
  Note, support for these drivers have been removed for 32-bit powerpc.

o A regression had been fixed in the ping6(8) utility when the system is
  built without capsicum(4).

o A regression in the jme(4) driver had been fixed.

o A change to the bhyve(4) uart(4) driver had been fixed to support
  running under syzkaller.

o The WITH_PIE and WITH_BIND_NOW build knobs have been added.

o The 'updatesready' and 'showconfig' subcommands have been added to

o The camcontrol(8) 'devtype' subcommand had been fixed to correctly
  report SATL devices.

A list of changes since 12.0-RELEASE is available in the releng/12.1
release notes:

Please note, the release notes page is not yet complete, and will be
updated on an ongoing basis as the 12.1-RELEASE cycle progresses.

Official announcement:

FreeBSD 12.1 Release Notes: