This tutorial by user Andreas Sommer of DigitalOcean will show you how to start deploying packages on your FreeBSD server, via Buildbot and Proudiere. Buildbot is a continuous integration framework for testing software releases, and Proudiere is a BSD-licensed package creating and testing tool. This guide assumes you have installed Buildbot, and will guide you through setting up Proudiere.


The FreeBSD ports and packages collection, hereafter called ports tree, is FreeBSD’s build system for external software. It offers a Makefile-based, consistent way of building packages. The port refers to the build recipe, that is the Makefile and related files; while package is the output of building one port into a binary (compressed) archive of the package files and its meta information.

Manually building and installing a subset or all of the over 30,000 ports is possible with make install. However, the builds would run on one of your servers—not a clean environment. For production use cases, manual builds would also mean that each host needs the same revision of the ports tree, and needs to compile all packages for itself. This means repeated, error-prone work by humans and the servers. It is preferable to retrieve and use identical, pre-built binary packages on each host and serve them from a central, secure package repository.

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