This guide by Andreas Sommer of DigitalOcean will show you how to install and configure Buildbot on your FreeBSD server. Buildbot is an open-source continuous integration framework designed to automate, build, and test releases in your software development cycle. Nginx will be required to run Buildbot, the full set of instructions can be found at the link below.

Buildbot is a job scheduling system commonly used for the purpose of continuous integration (CI). CI is a software development practice that typically comprises automatically building and testing your software on a regular basis and for every change. While it’s commonly used as a CI platform, Buildbot can also be used for any automated task that runs on a computer. Buildbot’s task execution configuration includes four components:

  • Change sources: these detect changes – such as those in a Git repository – and notify schedulers about them
  • Schedulers: schedulers trigger builders according to incoming changes
  • Builders: these contain the actual build steps, such as compilation of a software project
  • Reporters: reporters use the build results to send failure emails or other notifications

DigitalOcean Full Tutorial: