FreeBSD contributor Alan Somers was tasked with a rewrite of the FUSE driver for the FreeBSD operating system. FUSE, known as Filesystem in USErspace, is a protocol and driver that allows file system implementation from userspace processes. See the blog from the FreeBSD Foundation summarizing Somers’ journey, including the origins of FUSE in Linux and Google Summer of Code.

During 2019 the FreeBSD Foundation sponsored me to rewrite FreeBSD’s FUSE driver. That project is now complete.

FreeBSD’s FUSE port

FreeBSD’s FUSE driver began life as a GSoC project in 2005 by Csaba Henk, but wasn’t integrated into the base system. A further GSoC project in 2011 by Ilya Putsikau finished the port, and Attilio Rao merged it soon after. However, the 2011 version was still a few years behind the then-current protocol, and had some unresolved bugs. In the subsequent 8 years many of those bugs went unaddressed, and there was little

FUSE Driver Update by Alan Somers: