User myfreeweb writes about his experience in using FreeBSD operating system on their Google Pixelbook, after spending much of their time on the ideal Thinkpad. The user discusses compatibility starting at the BIOS, Wi-Fi (Intel 7265) and Bluetooth support, keyboard and touch screen, brightness, firmware, among other things. Check out their blog below to read about the journey to FreeBSD on Google Pixelbook.

Back in 2015, I jumped on the ThinkPad bandwagon by getting an X240 to run FreeBSD on. Unlike most people in the ThinkPad crowd, I actually liked the clickpad and didn’t use the trackpoint much. But this summer I’ve decided that it was time for something newer. I wanted something..

  • lighter and thinner (ha, turns out this is actually important, I got tired of carrying a T H I C C laptop – Apple was right all along); ….

FreeBSD and custom firmware on the Google Pixelbook: