User Linux Scoop did video demo on the latest GhostBSD 19.09. GhostBSD is an open-source operating system based on TrueOS and FreeBSD, with it’s default desktop environment as MATE. Scoop tries out the installer, web browsing, Station Tweak, and some applications as GIMP and Rhythmbox. Press play below to enjoy the elegance of what GhostBSD has to offer:


Related post from Eric Turgeon, head developer of GhostBSD:

Since the release of 19.09, I have seen a lot of misunderstandings on what is GhostBSD and the future of GhostBSD. GhostBSD is based on TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE with our twist to it. We are still continuing to use TrueOS for OpenRC, and the new package’s system for the base system that is built from ports. GhostBSD is becoming a slow-moving rolling release base on the latest TrueOS with FreeBSD 12 STABLE. When FreeBSD 13 STABLE gets released, GhostBSD will be upgraded to TrueOS with FreeBSD 13 STABLE.

Dealing with the misunderstandings of what is GhostBSD