Ed Maste of the FreeBSD Foundation updates us on some of the progress made regarding software development. The Foundation sponsored approximately 17% of FreeBSD commits this year. Notable projects are Alam Somers’ FUSE filesystem update, Mateusz Guzik’s scalability improvements, Konstantin Belousov’s improvements on Intel x86 components, Mark Johnston Syzkaller code, Glen Barber and FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE, Li-Wen Hsu’s work on continuous integration, as well as Ed’s security updates. Check out the post below to read further.

2019 draws to a close with another year of increased Foundation-sponsored FreeBSD software development. As I write this there have been 1276 commits this year tagged as sponsored by the Foundation. That represents about 17% of all commits over the year, and about 45% of commits that identify a sponsor.

2019 in Review: Software Development Projects: https://www.freebsdfoundation.org/blog/2019-in-review-software-development-projects/