The developers of KDE/FreeBSD have just launched a new website in support of the KDE (Desktop Environment) on FreeBSD open-source operating system. Their latest release, KDE Plasma 5 is available in x11/kde5 metaport. Check out their website below for the latest news and installation tips for your system.

This is the website for using, installing and building KDE® software on the FreeBSD® operating system. You can find documentation for applications that behave differently on FreeBSD than on Linux®. The installation and compilation instructions are specialized for FreeBSD administrators. In 2018, most of the content of this site migrated to the KDE community wiki. This site continues to operate as a news page and to point the way into the community site.

Welcome to the KDE/FreeBSD initiative:

Carl Schwan – The KDE FreeBSD Initiative get a new website: