This blog post by user Juan Prieto discusses his journey in trying out FreeBSD, as a long time Ubuntu user. He writes about the initial installation of FreeBSD, and setting up the SSH server. The goal is to eventually get the LAMP stack set up on FreeBSD. Check out their post below for the entire journey.

I’ve been aware of the existence of OSes besides Windows since I was given my small green laptop by my school, as a result of some politicians in my region attempting to get a nice picture taken, and it showed: the computer was a low-end one, even for the day’s standards (we’re talking about 2010 or so), so there wasn’t a lot that you could do on it comfortably. For example, after a few years, I wasn’t able to properly browse any web sites, and let’s not talk about the fact I couldn’t run an IDE on it when I had to bring it to classes in order to code on it: it crashed spectacularly or simply refused to run at all.

Moving away from Ubuntu: peeking at FreeBSD (Part 1):

UPDATE: Juan has further documented his journey in Parts 2 and 3 below: