The FreeBSD Foundation shared an update regarding the Continuous Integration project in FreeBSD, which they have been sponsoring since 2018. You can find various projects such as jemalloc, zstd, and QEMU being implemented with FreeBSD CI at this link: Check out their update below for more information about FreeBSD Project’s CI development.

One of the major goals for 2019 was to focus on improving the software quality of the FreeBSD codebase and extending the features of the FreeBSD project’s continuous integration. This year, we examined the test results and the test cases carefully with the goal of zero false positives. We believe this is very important to the Project because now the FreeBSD CI can serve as a trustworthy source for getting the latest build and test status of FreeBSD’s head and stable branches. A simple page for showing the building information of each architecture and branch combination is at

2019 in Review: CI and Testing Advancements: