Here’s our first BSD Link roundup of the new decade, featuring security various BSD on the latest Intel hardware, security warnings, real world BSD uses, and discussions of FreeBSD on reddit. Check them out below, and Happy 2020!

KDE-FreeBSD in 2019 via KDE-FreeBSD

Intel Still Has The Upperhand On BSD Support – Core i9 10980XE Benchmarks With DragonFlyBSD + FreeBSD via Phoronix

FreeBSD: VID-ED8CBAD5-21A8-11EA-9B6D-901B0E934D69: py-matrix-synapse — multiple vulnerabilities via Rapid7

FreeBSD: VID-22AE307A-1AC4-11EA-B267-001CC0382B2F (CVE-2019-14811): Ghostscript — Security bypass vulnerabilities via Rapid7

FreeBSD : wordpress — multiple issues (7b97b32e-27c4-11ea-9673-4c72b94353b5) via Tenable

FreeBSD : typo3 — multiple vulnerabilities (1c9178aa-2709-11ea-9673-4c72b94353b5) via Tenable

FreeBSD : OpenEXR — heap buffer overflow, and out-of-memory bugs (e4d9dffb-2a32-11ea-9693-e1b3f6feec79) via Tenable

FreeBSD : Gitlab — Multiple Vulnerabilities (01bde18a-2e09-11ea-a935-001b217b3468) via Tenable

FreeBSD : cacti — multiple vulnerabilities (86224a04-26de-11ea-97f2-001a8c5c04b6) via Tenable

FreeBSD-SA-19:15.mqueuefs – Privilege Escalation via Exploit Database

FreeBSD-SA-19:02.fd – Privilege Escalation via Exploit Database

Bug 415652 Starting Amarok on FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE causes plasma to crash.

FreeBSD Display Driver – x86

Andreas Drewke runs BSD via RunBSD

NomadBSD 1.3 Review by Jesse Smith via DistroWatch

What are some real world uses of FreeBSD via MacRumors

[mwm] Motif Window Manager on FreeBSD running some Xapps from unixporn

Newfound respect for FreeBSD from freebsd

Which file system should I use? (FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE) from freebsd