Long time FreeBSD user unixsheikh talks about his FreeBSD journey, from discovering it back in 1999 or 2000 from the book The Complete FreeBSD, how he came to learn about UNIX and his familiarity with GNU/Linux already. Check out their story below, as well as a reddit discussion thread surrounding the blog. In addition, unixsheikh writes a piece about why users should ditch Linux and head to FreeBSD.

When I first saw The Complete FreeBSD book by Greg Lehey I remember noticing the text on the front page that said, “The Free Version of Berkeley UNIX” and “Rock Solid Stability”, and I was immediately intrigued! What was that all about? A free UNIX operating system! And rock solid stability? That sounded amazing.

FreeBSD is an amazing operating system: https://www.unixsheikh.com/articles/freebsd-is-an-amazing-operating-system.html

FreeBSD is an amazing operating system from freebsd

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