DistroWatch, the defacto news site for all UNIX like distributions and releases such as the BSDs and Linux, is now being run on FreeBSD after almost two decades of existence running on Debian. You can check out an AMA on r/FreeBSD regarding the transfer process and decision to move the DistroWatch servers to FreeBSD.


FreeBSD uses ZFS instead of ext4 which uses more RAM, but offers some really great compression, snapshotting and rollback features. So it’s worth asking if something like ZFS appeals to your organization. If not, you can use UFS instead for a more classic filesystem.

Maintenance isn’t exactly easier, but it is different. FreeBSD with boot environments means we can snapshot and revert changes easily. On the other hand, FreeBSD doesn’t seem to have an equivalent to Debians “safe upgrade” process for normal package updates. It’s also worth keeping in mind, FreeBSD updates the core OS and packages separately, where Debian treats everything as a package to be managed by APT. One way isn’t necessarily better or worse, but you do need to get into a different head space when planning changes. – /u/daemonpenguin

Switching DistroWatch over to FreeBSD – AMA from freebsd