Before the month end’s here’s another roundup of BSD related links, consisting of virtual machine images, security advisories, FreeBSD on Thinkpads, the definition of “Freeware”, UNIX, and misc news & discussions.

FreeBSD Docker Images via GitHub

KDE FreeBSD 2020.1 via bobulate

FreeBSD : MySQL — Multiple vulerabilities (a6cf65ad-37d2-11ea-a1c7-b499baebfeaf) via Tenable

FreeBSD : drm graphics drivers — potential information disclusure via local access (d2c2c815-3793-11ea-8be3-54e1ad3d6335) via Tenable

FreeBSD : Template::Toolkit — Directory traversal on write (2bab995f-36d4-11ea-9dad-002590acae31) via Tenable

FreeBSD : Gitlab — Private objects exposed through project import (f929b172-369e-11ea-9cdb-001b217b3468) via Tenable

FreeBSD : phpMyAdmin — SQL injection (16aed7b7-344a-11ea-9cdb-001b217b3468) via Tenable

FreeBSD : gitea — multiple vulnerabilities (a512a412-3a33-11ea-af63-0800274e5f20) via Tenable

FreeBSD: VID-A6CF65AD-37D2-11EA-A1C7-B499BAEBFEAF (CVE-2020-2577): MySQL — Multiple vulerabilities via Rapid7

FreeBSD 12.1 on The Thinkpad T60 (2) via oesediez

What I think what we need to do to keep FreeBSD relevant (2019) via Hacker News

Git 2.25 Released As Its First Update Of 2020 via Phoronix

Freeware Definition via Linfo

Announcing NetBSD 7.0

Running OmniOS via GitHub

Wine 5.0 for Linux released with major gaming improvements

TrueOS 18.12 Images Available for VirtualBox and VMware

Running OmniOS on FreeBSD via bhyve – churchers/vm-bhyve Wiki from illumos

How to get "full" BSD experience? from freebsd

Why do you use Freebsd and not Linux? from freebsd

Strategic thinking, or what I think what we need to do to keep FreeBSD relevant | from BSD

Raspberry Pi alternative that supports FreeBSD from freebsd

FreeBSD on Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2? from freebsd

Switching DistroWatch over to FreeBSD – AMA from freebsd

regardless of open group certification, is freebsd realy unix from freebsd