User Supratim demos Netdata Cloud on his FreeBSD system. Netdata is a system monitoring tool, and Netdata Cloud allows you to access information for your systems under one window. Instructions for installing Netdata Cloud on FreeBSD can be found here. The user discusses the simple install process, themes, and dynamic features.

Though my primary network monitoring tool for Sanyalnet Labs continues to be Pandora FMS with eHorus, I have been coming across hobbyists running Netdata Cloud and decided to give it a shot on my Dell PowerEdge 2950 FreeBSD 12-Release hypervisor that hosts a bunch of QEMU, Oracle Virtualbox, SIMH and Hercules virtual machines.

Static screenshots of Netdata Cloud do not do justice to the dynamism seen on the web interface – all the dials, gauges and graphs update at intervals in the order of single seconds – it is visual candy just by itself!

Netdata Cloud on FreeBSD: First Impressions: