The FreeBSD Core Team, Foundation, Release Engineering, Cluster Administration, and Continuous Integration teams have released their last quarter report for 2019. Notable projects here are IPSec Extended Sequence Number support, RockChip support, SoC audio framework, FreeBSD on HyperV and Azure, EC2 ARM64, PowerPC on Clang, KDE on FreeBSD, fundraising efforts, partnerships, continuous integration, advocacy around the world, and so much more. See the full report below.

Here is the last quarterly status report for 2019. As you might remember from last report, we changed our timeline: now we collect reports the last month of each quarter and we edit and publish the full document the next month. Thus, we cover here the period October 2019 – December 2019.

If you thought that the FreeBSD community was less active in the Christmas’ quarter you will be glad to be proven wrong: a quick glance at the summary will be sufficient to see that much work has been done in the last months.

Have a nice read!

— Lorenzo Salvadore

FreeBSD 4th Quarter 2019 Status Report: