It’s FOSS reviews FuryBSD, a recent distribution of the FreeBSD open-source operating system. Developed by lead Joe Maloney, FuryBSD is designed to run on a live USB and allows you to easily install it if you want to use it on your system. The article discusses the configurations for this desktop such as ZFS replication, custom pkg repo, security hardening, and whats in store for FuryBSD. Jesse Smith of DistroWatch also reviews FuryBSD in the article below and discusses his early impressions, the hardware used, as well as available applications.

At its heart, FuryBSD is a very simple beast. According to the site, “FuryBSD is a back to basics lightweight desktop distribution based on stock FreeBSD.” It is basically FreeBSD with a desktop environment pre-configured and several apps preinstalled. The goal is to quickly get a FreeBSD-based system running on your computer.

You might be thinking that this sounds a lot like a couple of other BSDs that are available, such as NomadBSD and GhostBSD. The major difference between those BSDs and FuryBSD is that FuryBSD is much closer to stock FreeBSD. For example, FuryBSD uses the FreeBSD installer, while others have created their own installers and utilities.

Meet FuryBSD: A New Desktop BSD Distribution:

Booting from the live media brings up the Xfce 4.14 desktop environment. Along the bottom of the screen is a panel which holds the application menu, task switcher and system tray. Icons on the desktop open the Thunar file manager, launch the system installer, and provide quick access to a Getting Started document. There are two more icons for accessing X.Org configuration options and showing system information. The Getting Started document is a quick reference text file containing command line instructions for setting up networking and installing video drivers. The System Information icon opens the Firefox web browser and displays a locally generated page which contains general information about our computer and its resource usage.

DistroWatch review of FuryBSD by Jesse Smith: