User angeloma from OSRadar shows us how to install NodeJS on your FreeBSD operating system. NodeJS is a service that allows one to run Javascript on a server utilizing Google’s V8 engine. Forms can be created utilizing NodeJS. To see the full tutorial, head on over to the link below.

An advantage of NodeJS is that its syntax is similar to that of Javascript and therefore its learning curve decreases a lot.

So, let us start.

Install NodeJS on FreeBSD 12

First of all, all the commands we will use require you to be root. So it is a good idea to have sudo enabled and not work directly with the root user.

How to enable sudo on FreeBSD 12?

Now it is also convenient to do a system upgrade. Not only to install security patches but also to refresh the repositories.

For a list of installed software packages see the MANIFEST file.

How to install NodeJS on FreeBSD 12?