TechRadar Pro recently interviewed Deb Goodkin of the FreeBSD Foundation about the work they do to keep the FreeBSD project alive and well. You will find a snippet of the interview below, with a link to the full discussion about commercial businesses supporting FreeBSD, future developments, and comparisons with Linux and macOS.

How does the FreeBSD Foundation work to support the development of FreeBSD?

The FreeBSD Foundation’s purpose is to support the FreeBSD Project. While we’re an entirely separate entity, we step in to fill critical needs of the project. To support the development of FreeBSD, we have software developers on staff to quickly step in to fix bugs, implement workarounds to hardware issues, and implement new features and functionality. They also review many of the software changes, providing constructive feedback to continuously help improve the code. In addition, we provide the FreeBSD infrastructure that is hosted around the world and provide staff to oversee continuous integration and quality assurance efforts, to improve testing and code coverage.


Supporting an open source operating system: a Q&A with the FreeBSD Foundation: