Here is a local development environment for which you can test local pots on your Linux or MacOS, with a FreeBSD jail. Pot, developed by pizzamig, is a container framework that is based on FreeBSD jails, allowing you to run containers inside FreeBSD. More info on that can be found on the pot GitHub page. See the link below for instructions on how to get your pot running with FreeBSD on a Mac or Linux machine.

Pot Machine creates a local vagrant VM with FreeBSD12 running on zfs. This allows developers to test local pots ( on linux or MacOS. This implementation tries to mimic as much as possible the model implemented by docker. This means you can have Potfiles where you write the configuration for your pot, and running a pot build will create a freeBSD jail based on this “config”.

There is also the possibility to create a miniPot enviroment that includes Pot, nomad and consul by default.

This program will create a folder on ~/.pot that will contain all the configuration and exports made wit it. This ~/.pot folder will be mounted inside the vagrant vm under /vagrant

Local development environment for freebsd jails made with pot under LINUX or MACOS:

pot: another container framework for FreeBSD, based on jails, ZFS and pf: