Here’s a collection of BSD related posts, discussions, security advisories, and miscellaneous stuff for this months link roundup. Stay safe and stay inside!

Who really coined the term ‘Open Source’? via Lunduke Journal

FreeBSD To Sponsor Work For 802.11ac Support via Phoronix

os108 9.0 Released As One Of The Few Desktop Operating Systems Based On NetBSD via Phoronix

FreeBSD CI Weekly Report 2020-03-15 via Mail-Archive

syslog-ng in FreeBSD ports via syslog-ng

BSD Daemon Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Berkeley Software Distribution (penguin hybrid)

FreeBSD-SA-20:07.epair Incorrect user-controlled pointer use in epair via FreeBSD Project Security Advisory

FreeBSD : zeek — potential denial of service issues (4ae135f7-85cd-4c32-ad94-358271b31f7f) via Tenable

FreeBSD : www/py-bleach — multiple vulnerabilities (3d19c776-68e7-11ea-91db-0050562a4d7b) via Tenable

FreeBSD : puppet6 — Arbitrary Catalog Retrieval (77687355-52aa-11ea-b115-643150d3111d) via Tenable

FreeBSD : salt — salt-api vulnerability (8c98e643-6008-11ea-af63-38d547003487) via Tenable

FreeBSD : Gitlab — Multiple Vulnerabilities (62f2182c-5f7a-11ea-abb7-001b217b3468) via Tenable

FreeBSD : FreeBSD — TCP IPv6 SYN cache kernel information disclosure (0e06013e-6a06-11ea-92ab-00163e433440) via Tenable

FreeBSD : puppetserver and puppetdb — Puppet Server and PuppetDB may leak sensitive information via metrics API (36def7ba-6d2b-11ea-b115-643150d3111d) via Tenable

FreeBSD : Okular — Local binary execution via action links (c3600a64-64ea-11ea-bdff-e0d55e2a8bf9) via Tenable

FreeBSD : Django — potential SQL injection vulnerability (1685144e-63ff-11ea-a93a-080027846a02) via Tenable

FreeBSD : py-matrix-synapse — users of single-sign-on are vulnerable to phishing (1afe9552-5ee3-11ea-9b6d-901b0e934d69) via Tenable

FreeBSD : PostgresSQL — ALTER … DEPENDS ON EXTENSION is missing authorization checks (d331f691-71f4-11ea-8bb5-6cc21735f730) via Tenable

FreeBSD : mediawiki — multiple vulnerabilities (090763f6-7030-11ea-93dd-080027846a02) via Tenable

[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-20:08.jail via FreeBSD-Announce

[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-20:09.ntp via FreeBSD-Announce

FreeBSD — Insufficient ixl(4) ioctl(2) privilege checking via VuXML

FreeBSD — Kernel memory disclosure with nested jails via VuXML

FreeBSD — Incorrect user-controlled pointer use in epair via VuXML

gitea — multiple vulnerabilities via VuXML

Multiple vulnerabilities in FreeBSD via Cybersecurity-Help

Vulnerability of FreeBSD: privilege escalation via grub2-bhyve Font Loading via Vigil@nce

Early 2001 Freebsd Desktop from vintageunix

Memory leak and privilege escalation vulnerabilities in FreeBSD; millions of devices affected


Dual boot FreeBSD in a multi-OS system from freebsd

New Laptop for FreeBSD – Sager Notebook NP3146 from freebsd

USB game controllers on FreeBSD from freebsd

thinkpad w540 question from freebsd