User Antranig shows us how to migrate your FreeBSD system onto another machine utilizing ZFS on root. They utilize the zpool and zroot commands in order to successfully export and import your pool. Check out the link below for the full set of instructions.

My home server (running this blog) got old, it has only 2G of RAM and a very old hard drive.

I usually like to use laptops as home server, they get the job done! I know I can’t have fancy things like RAID1, but I usually keep my backups on a separate disk/machine anyway.

So, I got my Dell Latitude E5470 next to my 11 years old Dell Inspiron to start the migration process.

Here’s a simple how-to guide for migrating a FreeBSD system from one machine to another.

Snapshotting The Pool

Okay, on the old host let snapshot the pool….

FreeBSD ZFS on Root Migration: