User unixsheikh wrote this lengthy article about why someone should choose the FreeBSD open-source operating system over Linux, depending on their technical needs and requirements. The user discusses the differences in documentation, security, stability, ports availability, jails, bhyve, firewall, and plenty other factors. Check out their blog post below.


In my previous article “Why you should migrate everything from Linux to BSD” part 1 and part 2 I addressed some of the “political” problems that has been going on with GNU/Linux. And while I believe these issues are important and reasons to consider migrating from GNU/Linux to BSD, there also exist technical reasons to consider.

Clean separation

Because of the way FreeBSD has been designed, and how the different components have been put together, and how you deal with configuration and tuning, and all the tools that has been developed and improved over the cause of many years, working with FreeBSD is something special.

With most GNU/Linux distributions I have worked with since about 1998 you get a feeling of “mismatch”.

Technical reasons to choose FreeBSD over GNU/Linux: