The FreeBSD Team released their 1st quarter status report for 2020. This report contains projects and initiatives from the FreeBSD Foundation, FreeBSD Core Team, Release Engineering Team, Cluster Administration Team, Continuous Integration, Ports Collection, and FreeBSD Graphics Team. Notable projects worked on are NFS over TLS implementation, syzkaller on FreeBSD, if_bridge, ENA FreeBSD Driver update, FreeBSD/powerpc, FreeBSD/RISC-V, ELF Tool Chain, KDE on FreeBSD, translations, manpages overhaul, and much more. Check out the link below for the entire report.

FreeBSD Status Report

Welcome, to the quarterly reports, of the future! Well, at least the first quarterly report from 2020. The new timeline, mentioned in the last few reports, still holds, which brings us to this report, which covers the period of January 2020 – March 2020.

As you will see from this report, we’ve had quite an active quarter with big changes to both kernel, userland, documentation, ports, and third-party projects in the form of everything from bug and security fixes over new features to speed improvements and optimizations.

As this report also covers the start of the epidemic, it’s also interesting to note that a quick glance at the svn logs reveal that there has been no overall drop in number of source commits, that docs commits have also stayed constant, and that ports have seen an upwards trend.

We hope that all of you are and yours are as safe as can be managed, and that we get through this together by working together

— Daniel Ebdrup Jensen,

FreeBSD Status Report Q1 2020:

Phoronix – FreeBSD Is Off To A Solid Start For 2020