The developers of GhostBSD have made available version 20.04 (1). Notable changes are fixed ZFS forced 4k option on installation, fixed pool cleanup, fixed update manager, improved auto-create partition, fixed ntpd service, and more. For the full list of changes check out the release announcement below. Download the latest version here.

I am happy to announce the availability of GhostBSD 20.04, but first thanks to all people that gave feedback and reported issues. We fixed a couple of problems that were found in 20.03. This release comes with kernel and OS updates and numerous software applications updates and many improvements like replacing gnome-mount and hald with FreeBSD devd and Vermaden automount which make auto mounting and unmounting of external device way more stable and supports more filesystems.

Quick fix release GhostBSD 20.04.1:

GhostBSD 20.04 Now Available:



GhostBSD 20.03 Now Available:


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