User admindev wrote some instructions on setting up their development environment in FreeBSD operating system. The blog consists of setting up bhyve open-source hypervisor, Python3 dev environment, Vundle, etc. See the link below for their full instructions.

After setting up a desktop the first thing I typically do is set up a hypervisor. I may not run VMs 24/7, but I do like the option to fire up another environment on the fly. FreeBSD comes with an awesome hypervisor called Bhyve, and a great management tool is just a package install away.

Setting up Bhyve

Most of the information for the Bhyve setup I took from here. In fact, that’s pretty much word for word what I did (go to quickstart) with the exception of the FreeBSD version and the vm console command.

Install the vm-bhyve package and setup the environment. Note: I have sudo installed and the wheel group in the sudoers file. I opted for sudo over doas because “persist” is not an option in FreeBSD. …

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