FreeBSD contributor Colin Percival documents his experience in getting FreeBSD operating system running functionally on a Dell Latitude 7390 notebook.He walks us through initial FreeBSD configuration, setting up drivers, desktop configuration, KDE, and then points out some hiccups along the way. Check out the blog below for his FreeBSD laptop journey in detail.

As a FreeBSD developer, I make a point of using FreeBSD whenever I can — including on the desktop. I’ve been running FreeBSD on laptops since 2004; this hasn’t always been easy, but over the years I’ve found that the situation has generally been improving. One of the things we still lack is adequate documentation, however — so I’m writing this to provide an example for users and also Google bait in case anyone runs into some of the problems I had to address.

A few months ago, after my System76 Galago Pro had its second experience with a dead/swelling batery, I decided that it was time to replace it. On February 15th, I ordered a Dell Latitude 7390.

This is an older model of laptop — it originally launched in 2018 — but I’ve always found that Dell Latitudes are well built, and this one came with a very attractive price tag: Rather than the original price of $3599 CAD ($2600 USD), Dell Canada was selling it for $1049 CAD ($750 USD). I can only assume that it was the last of their stock and they wanted to clear out that production line.

The laptop came with …

My new FreeBSD Laptop: Dell Latitude 7390: