Calling all FreeBSD users around the world, the FreeBSD Core Team would like for you to participate in the FreeBSD Community Survey for 2020. This survey will collect data regarding use cases, length/frequency of use, architecture, the FreeBSD Project, security, and other things. Check out the link below to start filling out the survey.

The FreeBSD Core Team invites you to complete the 2020 FreeBSD Community Survey. The purpose of this survey is to collect quantitative data from the public in order to help guide the project’s priorities and efforts. This is only the second time a survey has been conducted by the FreeBSD Project and your input is valued.

The survey will remain open for 14 days and will close on June 16th at 17:00 UTC (Tuesday 10am PDT).

Given the learnings from the first survey, a few adjustments have been made. Two notable differences are the sections on security and the FreeBSD Foundation’s interest in helping prioritize its training and marketing efforts. One of the things we’re interested in measuring is how the data evolves from year to year.

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We understand that your time is valuable and we appreciate your time investment to help guide our community.

-The FreeBSD Core Team

FreeBSD 2020 Community Survey :