The FreeBSD Core Team has recently underwent a change to their membership. Congrats to the newly elected Core Team members, and thank you to the outgoing Core Team!

Dear FreeBSD Community,

The FreeBSD Project is pleased to announce the completion of the 2020 =
Core Team election. Active committers to the project have elected your =
Eleventh FreeBSD Core Team.

Baptiste Daroussin (bapt)
Ed Maste (emaste)
George V. Neville-Neil (gnn)
Hiroki Sato (hrs)
Kyle Evans (kevans)
Mark Johnston (markj)
Scott Long (scottl)
Sean Chittenden (seanc)
Warner Losh (imp)

Let's extend our gratitude to the outgoing Core Team members for their =
service over the past two years (some cases, many more) :

Allan Jude (allanjude)
Benedict Reuschling (bcr)
Brooks Davis (brooks)
Jeff Roberson (jeff)
John Baldwin (jhb)
Kris Moore (kmoore)


Joseph Mingrone (jrm)