User Tom Jones writes about his experience hunting bugs via the command line on FreeBSD operating system. He utilizes the command line tool bugz, to track bugs via bugzilla. Check out the link below for the full set of instructions.

FreeBSD uses bugzilla for tracking bugs, taking feature requests, regressions and issues in the Operating System. The web interface for bugzilla is okay, but if you want to do a lot of batch operations it is slow to deal with. We are planning to run a bugsquash in July and that really needs some tooling to help any hackers that show up process the giant bug list we have.

Thankfully there is a python3 command line tool for interacting with bugzilla, called pybugzbugz allows you to search through, up date and modify bugs without having to use a web browser. Getting bugz going was not very intuitive and it took me a bit of faffing.

Command Line Bug Hunting in FreeBSD: